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  • The Asset Freezing Unit (AFU) of HM Treasury has written to various organisations in the UK to promote the awareness of, and compliance with, financial sanctions legislation.

    Financial Sanctions Legislation

    The responsibilities of the AFU include implementation and administration of international financial sanctions in the UK. The sanctions imposed can be used for a number of reasons, including:

    • to encourage a change in the behaviour of a target country or regime;
    • to apply pressure on a target country or regime to comply with set objectives;
    • as an enforcement tool when international peace and security has been threatened and diplomatic efforts have failed; and/or
    • to prevent and suppress the financing of terrorists and terrorist acts.

    There are currently 15 financial sanctions regimes in force in the UK, which include country-based regimes, as well as those directed at Al-Qaida and Terrorist Financing. The HM Treasury website ( ) provides details of all the current financial sanctions regimes in force and of the statutory instruments that give effect to these sanctions, as well as details of lifted regimes. A consolidated list of targets of financial sanctions in effect in the UK is also available.

    There is also a subscription service available which provides e-mail notifications of when a financial sanctions notice is issued or the consolidated list of targets is updated. For details on how to subscribe, refer to the HM Treasury website at:

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